I have always had a love and passion for all things old.  I grew up going to garage sales with my parents, who could find the best deals!  As I grew into my teenage years, I would only shop at thrift stores or consignments stores.  I had a very unique style.  Fifties meets grunge, meets military, meets rhinestones.  But it worked, for me at least. It was in high school that I would visit my Aunt Kay in Riverside California.  She was an antiques dealer and her home was full of treasures.  She would take me to garage sales at 3 am, just to find the good stuff.  Well, she found a vase, that was not the prettiest, but I could see she though it had potential.  She took it home and lovingly took the coat of paint off of it, cleaned it and discovered that this vase could be worth so much more.  In fact, $10,000 more.  Antiques Roadshow contacted her, and she was on an episode.  Well, I was hooked after this. Then of course, there is life.  I went to college, got married, was a middle school science teacher, and had three beautiful kids.  More life happened and I found myself having to leave my career, which brought me to the world of Stay at Home Momdom. For someone who has always worked, this was a tough transition, but much needed!  Two years ago, I decided to take an appraisal course for antiques.  And so began my renewed passion for picking, and finding the treasure.
Life is busy.  I home school, love to cook, drive kids around all the time.  But this shop is my sanctuary, a place just for me.  I love every minute I spend trying to make it better, or searching out new items.
I hope you enjoy your time looking through the pages.  I hope that this store will bring back warm memories.



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